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Correct Answers and Winner...

The Puzzle Depot is pleased to bring you the 11th PUNZZLES Contest for those who love word puzzles. PUNZZLES are configurations of letters, numbers, words, lines and symbols that translate into familiar words, phrases or expressions. They can also represent movies, TV shows, names, book or song titles and sporting events, among other things. In short, PUNZZLES will stretch your brain for hours of fun, enjoyable puzzle solving! Visit the PUNZZLES Page to see solution instructions and examples.

Contest Rules and Prize Selection

The prizes offered in the PUNZZLES Contest are shown on our Rules and Prizes Page.

Contest PUNZZLES (Place Answers In The Form Areas)

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1)                                     2)
       GtruOstD                                              EDUCATION

      (4 words)                                   (2 words)


3)                                     4) 
          WILL     IAM                     ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTVWXYZ

           (3 words)                               (2 words)


5)                                    6)
              L                                   BED
              O                                  ------
              U                                   PELT
            S E A
          (3 words)                            (4 words)


7)                                    8)
           SLIVIINGN                        INVESTIGATION

          (3 words)                           (3 words)


9)                                   10)
              LOSTC                            JOBINJOB

             (3 words)                        (3 words)


11)                                  12)
                I                            OATH
                M                            ----
                O                             FIB

            (3 words)                      (3 words)


13)                                   14)
        JANUARY     WILLIAM                 +--------------+
        FEBRUARY    WILLIAM                 |              |
        MARCH       WILLIAM                 |           JUS|T
        APRIL       WILLIAM                 |              |
             (2 words)                         (3 words)


15)                                   16)
              VODKA                              H
             -------                             A
             IGNEOUS                             I
             QUARTZ                              R

            (4 words)                        (4 words)


17)                                 18)
            MEDIA                                M
            MEDIA                          B R E A K
            MEDIA                                J

         (1 or 2 words)                    (2 words)

19)                                 20)
       |LINKLINKLINK|                       KROW OT
       |    LINKLINK|

          (2 words)                        (3 words)


21)                                 22)
          CROOMOMTURNOIOTTY                 SL    EE    PI    NG

              (4 words)                         (2 words)


23)                               24)
          BSLIETATCIHNEGR            O          P          E          N
             (4 words)                           (2 words)


         |              |
         |     SELF     |
         |              |

            (2 words)                     


26)   (Super Punzzle)
         (2 words)


The Winner and Answers For Contest 11

Winner = Mary Mary Berryann of the United States
We thank all 225 of those who entered this contest. The winning entry had a score of 25 out of 26 and was the earliest submitted. Ms. Berryann chose the PUNZZLES 5-Pack booklet set as her prize.

Here are the answers: (multiple correct answers separated by new lines under same number)

 1)  In God we trust  ('wee'(small) trust)
 2)  Higher education
 3)  Split the bill
 4)  Missing you
      Without you
 5)  See-through blouse 
 6)  Hide under the bed
 7)  Living in sin
 8)  Still under investigation
 9)  Lost at sea
10)  In between jobs
11)  Stand-up comic
12)  Lie under oath
13   Monthly bills
14)  Just hanging out
       Just a bit outside
       Just doesn't fit
       Just going out
       Just passing through
       Just  starting out
15)  Vodka on the rocks
16)  Hair standing on end
17)  Multimedia
18)  Major breakthrough
19)  Missing link
20)  Back to work
       Return to work
21)  Roots in the community
22)  Sleeping quarters  ('sleeping' in four pieces)
23)  Sitting in the bleachers
24)  Open wide
       Wide open
25)  Self-centered
       Self contained
26)  Cereal bowl(s) ('serial')

Additional details may be found on the Contests Page.

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