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Marketing Service Overview and Site Details

Pinnacle Solutions manages this Puzzle Depot Web site and offers advertising services for product and Web site developers interested in marketing the following products:

Bring A Targeted Audience To Your Site

The Puzzle Depot is visited by readers interested in mental challenges of various types. You'll not find arcade style products offered here since they do not match the site theme. Readers respond to product offers related to puzzles including books, software, gift ideas, and online Web applications.

Some of Puzzle Depot's Site Awards

Puzzle Depot Demographics

46%  Male
54%  Female

Under 21  10%
21-25      7%
26-35     32%
36-45     21%
46+       29%

Operating System
70%  Win 95/Win NT Users
20%  Win 3.1x Users
10%  Mac Users

A Few of PuzzleDepot.com's Advertisers

Response Rates Range From 2%-8% For Game and Puzzle Products

Marketing Services

Banner Link Advertisements...

We offer banner ad links to existing Web sites for those who wish to direct Puzzle Depot readers to their sites. Powerful ad management software allows us to provide several benefits to the client:

Free Reciprocal Text Links...

Free text links may be arranged in exchange for reciprocal Puzzle Depot links. These text links act as "barter" exchanges with no financial or tracking burden for either site.

How To Contact Us

For an estimate on marketing your products or Web site banner ads, please contact us via email, phone or postal mail. We continuosly monitor our email account for customer feedback and assistance, so please feel free to utilize this avenue for quick response.

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Other Communication Methods:

Contact Person: Scott Gilley
800-553-4305 (Pinnacle Solutions Office Phone 1)
256-881-4832 (Pinnacle Solutions Office Phone 2)
877-867-5392 (Pinnacle Solutions Fax 1- Toll Free)
256-885-0280 (Pinnacle Solutions Fax 2- Toll Call)
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