PuzzleDepot.com Subscriber Lists Available for Rental
You Can Reach Highly Targeted Markets By Double Opt-in Email News Lists
PuzzleDepot.com, LLC. is a leading opt-in email marketing company whose business is to help you build your business. We're here to support you in reaching up to 32 million highly targeted leads in over 3,000 special interest topics.
We administer a double opt-in enrollment process for all subscribers to verify that only users wishing to receive messages actually do. We've included below a few frequently asked questions about the email marketing service as implemented by PuzzleDepot.com and NetCreations, Inc. as the delivery system provider.

If you have additional questions please send an email to scott@puzzledepot.com or call us directly at 1-256-881-4832 or 1-800-553-4305.

Q: What does 'Double Opt-in Subscription Process' mean?
PuzzleDepot.com employs a double opt-in subscription process to ensure the protection of our subscribers and advertisers as follows:
  • Users first select topics of interest to them from an Enrollment Center or stand alone gatherer forms.
  • After a user applies for subscription to a list or group of lists, they receive a confirmation email message sent to the submitted email address.
  • If the user does not confirm the subscription by replying to the email, they are NOT added into the double opt-in rental system.
  • This ensures that all of our subscribers have actively signed up and confirmed their interest in their selected lists.
  • The double opt-in approach prevents confusion with spam, which is unsolicited and unwanted email.
It's easy for subscribers to get on and off any of the lists by including unsubscribe instructions in every message sent. This keeps the list subscribers fresh and receptive to sponsor messages about their specific topics of interest.
Top priority is also placed on sending subscribers the exact information they have requested. This is achieved by live review of account managers to ensure appropriateness of messages sent to subscribers in the target topics.
An example of a text header message sent with emailings to PuzzleDepot.com's subscribers:
This mail is never sent unsolicited. This is a PostMasterDirect.com
mailing! You have subscribed to receive this information at PuzzleDepot.
To unsubscribe forward this message to deleteall@postmasterdirect.com
(be sure to forward the ENTIRE message,or it will not unsubscribe you!)
Review your subscriptions! http://review.postmasterdirect.com/?o=119
Q: How is the PuzzleDepot.com database built?
PuzzleDepot.com builds our database at an affiliate network of several thousand sites as well as our own in-house group of sites such as: Our subscribers have all submitted self-selected interests and demographic information. This ensures that all email that subscribers receive is based on the preferences that they have chosen themselves. You may reach highly targeted prospects by optionally selecting demographic profiles to zero in on your market segment.
We work very closely with affiliates and at our internal sites to enroll subscribers based on the theme and type of traffic for each site. We thus enroll the subscribers at the right site into the right lists with double opt-in efficiency.
Q: Where are the advertising rates for list rentals?
A complete index of lists, pricing and quantities are available on our Datacard Page. Prices for exclusive emails to highly targeted prospects range from just 10 cents to 35 cents per each subscriber (in United States currency).
Q: Are your mailings stand alone messages?
PuzzleDepot.com sends exclusive advertising by default with your message as the sole content of the email body. Clients specify the 'From' name, 'Subject' line, and as much or as little body copy as you need with a limit of 30 Kb total size. The entire message is the client's except for an introduction at the top that identifies the message and has opt-out instructions.
We also offer a Co-op option in which multiple client offers may be grouped together in one message to reduce the cost of an emailing. This offers a cost advantage, but it also suffers from a trade-off of reduced exposure since emailings will not be dedicated to a single offer. See below for more details on the Co-op Option...

Q: Do you send HTML mail?
Yes, we send HTML email for improved reader response and can in fact specifically target subscribers that use email programs that support reading of HTML-formatted messages. The technical specifications are as follows for HTML messages:
  • File size limit = 30 Kilobytes (Kb) without graphics elements calculated in the total.
  • Graphic elements must be referenced as absolute URLs at the client site.
  • Graphics will thus load from a client server rather than from ours or as attachments to the messages.
  • Make sure your server can handle the peak load of recipients opening emails with graphic elements!
Q: Will PuzzleDepot.com consider a CPA/CPC deal?
No. PuzzleDepot.com only mails on a CPM basis. Otherwise, PuzzleDepot.com is subject to the risk of the client's market. PuzzleDepot.com spends a lot of time and resources building high quality, clean lists and only delivers messages to the right people at the right time -- it is up to you to convert them into your own customers.
Q: Will you allow third party companies to integrate/send mail to your names?
Definitely not- because of our strict position regarding subscriber privacy issues, we cannot send our database to outside vendors. At this time we are not capable of integrating the delivery system with other third party functionality companies either.  PuzzleDepot.com will use redirect urls to track responses to a client mailing, which is accessible online for daily stats updates.
Q: What additional targeting selections do you offer?
A very rich set of targeting functions are available to narrow the recipients to EXACTLY the profile you're interested in reaching. Selects include, but are not limited to, the following items at a 5 cents surcharge per each select (except US-based domain name selection is free):
  • Gender
  • Occupation
  • Job Title or Job Function
  • Postal Zip Code (Target to a single zip or include list of multiple areas)
  • State of Residence (for US residents)
  • Mile Radius Around Central Zip Code or List of Zip Codes
  • Country
  • Income Range
  • Domain Inclusions (e.g., email to only AOL.com or Yahoo.com email addresses)
  • Domain Exclusions (e.g., email to everyone EXCEPT AOL.com or Yahoo.com email addresses)
  • Recency of Subscriber Joining the System (10 cents/name surcharge for 7 days or less, 5 cents otherwise)
Q: What is your minimum order size for exclusive emailings?
The minimum order size for exclusive message delivery is $400 in U.S. currency, although you may also wish to consider our Co-op Delivery Option to try a placement with up to 4 offers in the same emailing to share costs with other clients. The normal minimum order may include segments in A/B splits and tests at no additional cost. The minimum order allows our clients to test two or more message body copies with a maximum of 5 total to optimize reader response for follow-up mailings.
Keep in mind that fewer than 2,000 names in a segment may give a sample size that is just too small for its results to be extrapolated with any accuracy to a large follow-up order. We've found that 2,000 subscribers seems to be the 'magic number' that provides a reasonable level of accuracy in forecasting future results.
Q: Do you offer Co-op emailings as a cost savings option?
Yes, we allow up to 4 short offers from different clients to be delivered as a single message to share the costs among similar topic campaigns. This is an excellent way for clients to test the system response with a small initial cost. Multiple messages are split among the rental names in which the offer appearance order is rotated among the offers to allow equal exposure at the top of page.
For the case of 4 offers in a co-op mailing, Offer 1 will be placed at the top of the message on 25% of the delivery, Offer 2 will be placed first on 25% of the mailing, Offer 3 will be placed first on another 25% split of the delivery, and Offer 4 will be placed first on the remaining 25% split of the delivery. The offer appearance ordering in the ad copy is simply adjusted among four split messages that are sampled to 25% each of the total order size.
Q: What tracking does PuzzleDepot.com provide?
PuzzleDepot.com provides click-through tracking at no cost to the client. An easy to use stats report is assigned to each emailing for convenient response evaluation as shown below in the example:

Tracking Report

Please note that if your message contained multiple URLs, each URL is tracked separately and numbered #1, #2, etc.

overall response rate:

  • 251 total clicks / 2201 total sent = 11.4% clickthrough rate
  • pass-along clicks: 24 clicks
  • average cost per click : $0.8804

    Response Rate by List
    listresponsestotal messagesresponse ratecost per click
  • Owner: Puzzle_Depot
  • Name: Gifts.list
  • 200 individuals 1506 sent 13.3% $0.60
    * default Click to review messages.
  • message# 1 : 100 individuals
        ---- url# 4 : 100 clicks
    * default Click to review messages.
  • message# 2 : 100 individuals
        ---- url# 1 : 100 clicks
  • Owner: Puzzle_Depot
  • Name: Internet-Shoppers.list
  • 50 individuals 693 sent 7.2% $1.20
    * default Click to review messages.
  • message# 1 : 50 individuals
        ---- url# 1 : 50 clicks
  • Owner: Puzzle_Depot
  • Name: Consumer~Gifts.list
  • 0 individuals 2 sent 0%  
  • Summary by URL
  • message# : 1
        ---- url# 1 : 50 clicks
        ---- url# 4 : 100 clicks
  • message# : 2
        ---- url# 1 : 100 clicks
    Q: How many emails do you send to each subscriber?
    PuzzleDepot.com subscribers receive a varying amount of email depending on the lists they select: our large free/special offers list tends to get more email than our stamp collection list. On average, PuzzleDepot.com subscribers get appoximately 5 to 10 pieces of email per month.
    Q:  Does PuzzleDepot.com have a privacy policy?
    PuzzleDepot.com is very committed to subscriber privacy. Read our full privacy policy for more information.
    Q: What payment terms do you offer?
    Prepayment is required for all orders. Brokers who have established a track record can apply for credit terms.
    Q: Still have questions?
    Email us: scott@puzzledepot.com, or call us directly at 1-256-881-4832 or 1-800-553-4305.