Movie 1 theme crossword


1. 1967 documentary about Dylan's 1965 concert tour of England
4. This 1978 film featured Michael Brandon as a DJ
5. Eddie Murphey is chosen to save a Tibetan child
7. Based on the novel by Jane Austen
9. De Niro plays Vietnam Vet. John Rubin in this 1970 comedy
11. aka Ghost Story for Christmas
13. Nick Nolte stars as corupt New York police officer in this movie
14. Dustin Hoffman become the 'Angel of flight 104' in this movie
15. John Wayne stars in this 1962 movies as a big game hunter, that has more luck with animals than women
16. This 1951 movie stars Bob Hope steers Moose Moran's girl away from a winning bet
18. In 1948 this is a story of a middle-class Norwegian immigrant family, set in 1900 San Francisco.
20. This 1920 comedy was directed by Bud Fisher (comic strip Mutt & Jeff)
21. In this movie Jack Lemmon stars as Jake Tremont & Ted Danson stars as his son John Tremont


1. Spike Lee's 1989 controverisal film about a Brooklyn neighborhood
2. This 1994 love story starred Robert Downey Jr.
3. Based on the novel by Thomas McGuane
4. This 1998 film features Rebecca de Mornay has and x-marine that decides to become an FBI agent
6. A garage mechanic named Ed is thunderstruck with love at his first sight of Meg Ryan
8. This 1962 movie features a rich Hawaiian pineapple grower and US Senatorial candidate
10. A love story between the cowboy, Curly, and headstrong farm girl, Laurey
12. Looks into the way the Mafia muscled into the black-run numbers racket in Harlem in the 1930s
13. This 1950 film stars Mickey Rooney as an auto mechanic chasing after Jeanne Cagney
17. 1954 drama directed by Robert Rossen starring Silvana Mangano & Michael Rennie
19. This 1974 film stars John Wayne as a Seattle detective