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Puzzle Depot Contest Arena


Win A Share Of Cash Prizes In Skill Puzzle Contests!

These skill contests award prize money every month! Several sponsor contests feature:

How Do The Contests Work?

Our puzzle skill contests are both challenging and enjoyable. Just read below to find out how they work and see actual puzzle examples and solutions.

Contests Are Played By Postal Mail

New issues of the contest newsletters are mailed out with multiple (typically four) contest puzzles. Each contest has an entry deadline for sending in the entry fee and puzzle solution by regular postal mail. You will have a few weeks to solve the puzzles and send in your entries.

Entries Are Graded According To Official Score System

After the deadlines have passed, the returned puzzle solutions are graded according to their official point score system. The winners are then determined by the entrant(s) with the highest score.

Winners Are Announced In Following Newsletter Issues

The winning solutions and player names are released after the contest close date so you may check how well you finished. If more than one person has the same high score, the prizes are split among the tied players.

Low Entry Fees Are Very Affordable

Each puzzle requires an entry fee of $5 to $15 to cover postage, prize payouts, and sponsor grading services. The Cash Payout for each separate contest varies from $500 to over $10,000.

Contest Puzzle Examples and Rules

Visit the Example Page to see the various puzzle types used in skill contests. A list of typical rules and an example diagram is given for each puzzle type. The examples illustrate the type of puzzle, but you can expect to see variations in the shapes and sizes in each issue. Also, the rules vary somewhat but the ones shown are what you'll typically encounter. The variations make these contests fun, exciting, and financially rewarding to the winners!

See Our Contest Report

We have a report available about the various word puzzle contests being held for CASH prizes. Total monthly prize total exceeds $10,000! Learn how to start winning nice prizes.

Select this link to see the details.

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