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Get Your Photos On A High Resolution CD for FREE
Dear Friend,
Now is your chance to have your personal photos digitized for FREE!
Send us any brand of 35mm or APS (Advanced Photo System) color print film.
We'll process your film at 50% off our regular price - that's just $3.45
for a roll of 24 exposures.
You'll get clear, crisp photos in your choice of 3"x 5" or 4" x 6" size
prints. Plus we'll scan each image in high resolution (1536 x 1024) and
send you a Mystic PhotoNet CD of all your images FREE! We'll also
include a FREE Mystic Photo Index print with thumbnail photos of all the
images on your CD. That's a $9.95 value!
If you've ever wanted to use your photos on your computer, in documents
and share them in e-mails - Now's Your Chance!
We'll send you a postage-paid Mystic Color Lab security mailer good for
50% off our regular developing prices. Plus, you'll get all of your
photos scanned in high resolution and put on a CD for FREE.
Why? Because I know that once you try our fast, convenient door-to-door
service you'll never want to have photos developed any other way. We
consistently provide high quality state-of-the-art processing and digital
services that you just can't get anywhere else.
And, putting photos on CD is the safest, most convenient way to protect
and store your precious memories.
For more information about Mystic Color Lab and all of our photofinishing
and digital services, visit our website.

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