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Sample Article: Save on Your Toy and Game Purchases

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Dear Valued Member,
Want to play outside while the weather is nice but need some fun toys? No
problem. With the Platinum Visa from First USA you'll save big with a low
3.9% introductory APR on all balance transfers and purchases, including
the latest and greatest toys.
Apply now and you'll enjoy
these great, everyday benefits:
Money Saving Benefits
- Great Rate - 3.9% Introductory APR for 5 months, then a low 9.99%
Fixed APR* for all
- ONLINE and OFFLINE purchases
- NO Annual Fee
- Credit Line up to $100,000
- Free Balance Transfers
Time Saving Services
- Online Bill Payment Option
- Online Account Access
- Online Customer Service
Online Security
- Guaranteed Security of Online Purchases
- Short, Secure Online Application
Apply now for this exclusive, limited-time offer!

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