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Sample Article: Get Paid To Surf The Web!

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Want to earn money while you surf the Web AND earn money
from your friends while they're online too?

There's a new FREE Internet service that actually PAYS YOU and your
referred friends to surf the Web. You should definitely consider
becoming a member to earn 50 cents an hour just by surfing the Web
like you normally do!

You'll also earn 10 cents/hr from your friends who join under your
referral code. Then you'll earn 5 cents/hr from subsequently referred
members of your original referrals for 4 levels deep. This is a great
self-building income stream for doing something fun- surfing the Web!

It's FREE to join and only takes about a minute to apply with no survey
to fill out.

Members are paid for their own Web browsing and for referrals of their
friends. Please tell as many of your friends about this program as
possible. Remember, it's easy to sign up and it will never cost you a dime!

How the membership works:

As a member, you will earn 50 cents an hour while you surf the Web for
up to 40 hours per month. That's up to $20 per month just for browsing
the Internet the way you normally do. All members simply download a
Viewbar for your browser. The bar is standard ad height, about one-half
inch on most screens. The bar can be minimized with a single click to
eliminate it from the screen at any time. The Advertising income
generated from the bar area is how you're paid for your own Web surfing
as well as your referral members.

Refer friends into the program and receive 10 cents per hour while they
surf the Web. And receive an additional 5 cents per hour from the
extended referrals that come in from your referrals (for new members
extended as far as four referrals from your original referrals!)

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